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Maria's Panama Journal

the pre-departure insanity . . .

4/20/05 10:45 am

Peace Corps kind of reminds me of pro football - 20 minutes of waiting for 5 seconds of action. My 5 seconds are over with for this week. Let's get a shot of the budweiser girls!

4/8/05 11:23 am

Well, I've sent in my passport app and all my paperwork, and now the real fun begins - packing up everything I own and figuring out where to put it. Which starts with cleaning my room. Yay! At least it's raining, and I'm broke, so there's not really anything else I want to be doing. My life is SO glamorous!

2/17/05 10:00 pm

Whats going on?!
I was medically cleared on January 22nd, and assigned a placement officer the same week, and had a request for additional information the same week, and since then . . . nothing.
Is this normal?!?!?!
How long did you guys wait between clearance and invitation?
(I have this awful picture of my file under a stack of 20 other files on my PO's desk.)
OK, enough neurosis for now.
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